Meet Me in Montauk

I was incredibly honored when Pete reached out to me about his plan to propose to his long-time girlfriend, Abby. He was so filled with genuine excitement and joy that I could hear it in his voice and in his plans for the proposal. My fiancé overheard one of our phone calls and said "that boy is IN LOVE."

The plan was Montauk. Maybe in the spring, maybe in the winter, but definitely sometime around their 5th anniversary. He wanted it to happen on the beach, by the Montauk Point lighthouse. He wanted perfect weather and for his plan to play out exactly how he imagined it.

I'd never been to Montauk and never really beyond Nassau County, Long Island, but it was always at the top of my NY bucket list. (I blame Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind.) Although it was almost a 4-hour drive from NJ, I was totally up for the adventure.

The day comes, and the weather is perfect. 50 degrees AND sun, in mid-January?! Unheard of, but it felt like a sign. I went out to the beach early to make sure I was in position. I checked out the bluffs, pocketed some rocks and sea glass, and kept alert for Pete and Abby's arrival. Soon enough, not long after all the other beachgoers left, they showed up hand in hand. I tried not to be too obvious with my camera and long lens, taking photos of the lighthouse and other random things on the beach. Next thing I know, Pete is down on one knee and Abby has her hands clasped to her mouth with excitement.

She said "Y-E-S"!

We walked along the beach for a while snapping photos of the two of them with their just-got-engaged glow. Realizing they now get to call each other "fiancé," we put the ring (THE RIIIIINGGGGG) in all its glory in its own spotlight for a few photos. And once we strolled the beach at sunset for long enough, we parted ways so they could enjoy their celebratory dinner.

It was such a wonderful day and a wonderful proposal to be a part of. Congratulations, Pete and Abby!