What We Offer

website development & cms management

Looking to set up your first website or maybe refresh your old, outdated site? With 9+ years of web design and management experience, we can make this process quick and painless while making your web presence modern and stylish. Whether you want to migrate your current domain to a new website platform or embellish what you currently have, we can get it done. In 2024, it's crucial to have a web presence. Businesses exist beyond social channels and word of mouth; a website covers all your bases. In-person or video meetings will be arranged to learn your wants and needs.

Step 1. Setting Up your Website

If you don't currently have a website but are ready to create one, you'll want to start here. You'll need to select both a domain host and a platform. I recommend GoDaddy or BlueHost as your domain host. Depending on your industry, I recommend different options for your Content Management System (CMS) platform. For photographers, I highly recommend Pixieset. For larger websites or blogs, I highly recommend WordPress. Looking to sell online? Shopify is a great start. For everything else in between, I recommend starting with Squarespace and figuring out what works best for your industry. Once your Domain and CMS have been chosen, we'll set up and connect your new website to your domain host for you, taking out the guesswork.

Step 2. Adding content

You can't have a website without content! You'll need to add images, copy/text, contact forms, social feeds, branding, and so much more. This step can feel daunting, which is why having a helping hand makes all the difference. We can add your content, write copy, generate SEO and analytics, and create your branding for you. With 9 years of experience in HTML, CSS, JavaScript, PHP, and CLI, we can accomplish a lot more customization beyond what your CMS offers.


If you currently have a website or if we've built you one, your website will need to be regularly maintained and/or enhanced. This process consists of making sure your CMS, plugins, and content are always up-to-date. Need to refresh photos? Did one of your plugins stop working? Maybe your website broke altogether? We can fix that.