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"I absolutely love working with Caitee! She has a wonderful eye for detail and she makes you feel so comfortable as she directs you through the shoot. Her turnaround time for processing the photos is very quick and I was extremely satisfied with the photos. I cannot wait to work with Caitee again soon!"

- Megan Hoole | New York, NY

"If you are in the market for professional photography, I highly recommend Caitee Smith. She is a treat to work with and has a good eye for capturing her subjects naturally and genuinely."

- Sami Mauskopf | New York, NY


"I had a wonderful experience working with Caitee. She is very talented. She has a great photography eye, easy to work with, great editing skills, and very personable. She made me feel very comfortable during the shoot, and together we were able to brainstorm creative compositions. I was happy about how fast she delivered the edited photos, and that she gave me all the photos back to choose from."

- Marilyn Hucek | New York, NY


"I never felt a connection with photography before I was exposed to her work. She has an excellent eye and can find the beauty in things one might never expect. In the time I've known her she's never wavered in her dedication to the craft, and has continued to impress me ever since."

- Tyler Wolpert | Brooklyn, NY


"Awesome, professional and talented! What more can you ask for?!"

- Anita Matey | Brooklyn, NY


"Caitee Smith is not only an absolute pleasure to be around but her work represents our world! The love we see in one another and the environment we decide to place ourselves in, I think it's phenomenal. I'll only be going to her for my photography needs from now on!"

- Meghan Renee Vitale | Waterford, NY


"Her body of work and my full trust in her capabilities!"

is what prompted Cate Quackenbush to choose CaiteeSmith Photography.



"I loved my experience with Caitee. Every time I shoot with her, I love the end result. After shooting with [her] once, I was so impressed with the quality of the images that I knew that I wanted to shoot again."

- Anneke Knot | New York, NY



"Caitee Smith catches visions that other photographers just can't see. Amazingly, naturally gifted artist."

- Marcia Morrissey-Smith | East Greenbush, NY


"I love seeing the world through Caitee's eyes."

- Christie Messman-Huff | Seattle, WA