The Second Shooter Process

working with caitee smith photography

Are you ready to jump on the CSP team as a second shooter? Below are some guidelines and expectations to anticipate in your role.

Initial Process

At the start of our communication, I'll request to see a full gallery so I can see your photography style. As a second shooter for Caitee Smith Photography, you'll need to:

  • Sign a second shooter contract
  • Provide your preferred method of payment (Venmo, cash, etc.)
  • Dress professionally

On the day of the wedding, please dress appropriately. Either a black jumpsuit, black dress, or black slacks and black blouse/collared shirt is preferable. Please no hoodies or overly casual attire. Please be on time (which means arriving at least 15 minutes early.) My 2024 rate is $60-$75/hour depending on experience. Payment for your service is made after your photos have been uploaded and reviewed.


First things first, you must have two dual-slot DSLR or mirrorless cameras and you must shoot in RAW. I'll give you one SD card for each of your cameras. You'll shoot on one of my cards and one of your own. You'll then need to format all cards in order to prevent any incompatibility, corruption, or storage issues. We'll sync all of our cameras to the exact same date and time. And then we're ready to go! Throughout the day, please check that your photos are continuously recording on your memory card(s).

You'll capture the groom and groomsmen prep, details, and portraits. It's important that you're comfortable with the guys. Beyond that, you'll be my second set of eyes, capturing different angles and perspectives, capturing cocktail hour while I capture reception details, reading off the shot list for family portraits, taking BTS content, fluffing the bride's dress and veil, etc. While I do encourage shooting for your portfolio, I request that you don't shoot over my shoulder the entire time. Most importantly – try not to overshoot. Please keep your photo count below 2000 images.


Unless otherwise stated, you're free to use the photos you've shot in your portfolio. Please don't post photos on social media until I have shared the gallery with the couple and posted online first. Do not tag the couple in any social media posts or reach out to them for any reason. You're not required to tag @caiteesmithphotography when posting on Instagram, but I do like to tag my second shooters when posting on social media to give you the credibility you deserve.