An Evening Full of Life and Love at Marcy Field and Chapel Pond

When Laura reached out to me about photographing her and Brad's elopement in the Adirondacks, I was giddy. A gorgeous couple dressed to the nines, placed in a gorgeous field, on a gorgeous fall day? You couldn't convince me that there's anything better.

Marcy Field is an ideal place to elope in the Adirondacks. You're in the heart of Keene Valley, right in between High Peaks and rivers. Accessible from Rt. 73. I was ecstatic when Laura informed me that's where she'd be wedding the love of her life. Surrounded by one adorable daughter and one judge, it was the perfect intimate setting. We were hugged by mountains and foliage the whole evening.

Following the ceremony at Marcy Field, we darted to Chapel Pond right before sunset. If you're unfamiliar with Chapel Pond, it is a magical little pond stuck between Rt. 73 and rock climbing slabs. A gorgeous photo op or picnic spot on the way to Lake Placid or the High Peaks. We had limited light but made the most of it, especially with a couple of headlamps right on the water.

It was an absolutely gorgeous and truly perfect evening. Congratulations to Laura and Brad for marrying the loves of your life in a place you hold such high regard for.