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Hi, my name is Caitlyn but most people call me Caitee!

Creativity has been my passion for my entire life. Always considered artsy and thoughtful, I often sat in front of my drawing pad or painted my dresser with nail polish. One day fourteen years ago, I received a dinky point-and-shoot camera and my life was never the same. Fast forward to 2018 and nothing has changed (except none of my furniture has nail polish paint jobs.) Photography has created an outlet for expressing every single emotion, from side-splitting laughter to gut-wrenching compassion. I love being able to capture the emotional complexity of human beings and the raw beauty of life in general. I want to share these things with the world and for the world to share those things with me in return.

My one and my only ambition is to tell a story through my photographs. I prefer to capture as much natural and genuine and honest beauty as physically possible. My main objective is to maintain authenticity. Whether it's photographing a fashion influencer or a bride on her biggest day, it's important to me that you radiate your true self. It's also extremely important to me that you feel comfortable in front of the camera and with me. This begins with trust and I always try my hardest to gain your trust and friendship, even if I only ever know you for just an hour.

I was born in the midwest and grew up in New Orleans and Dallas, but have called the Empire State home base for 12 years. I love my roots and never, ever forget where I've come from. Some of my favorite things: My absolute favorite show is The Office. I love a good true crime podcast. I'm a car enthusiast and video gamer. I have two fuzzball cats who go by Atlas and Gambit. And there are 9,986,000 other things I love.

Caitee Smith Photography is located in New York City and Albany, New York.

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