Who I Work With


  • Katie of Katie's Bliss - on her blog, "you’ll see my personal style, thoughts on my life in NYC and the occasional beauty tip and tutorial."
  • Megan of Posh du Jour - a 26-year-old currently living in Queens, NYC
  • Kayleigh of Kayleigh's Kloset - an NYC based personal style and beauty blogger
  • Morgan of FashionFriesX - a 20 -something year old living the dream in NYC
  • Maia of The Petite Principle - a full time petite fashionista with a diverse and eclectic sense of style
  • Moumita of HeelsandMacarons - a fashion blogger based in NYC, originally from Bangladesh
  • Anita of Foreign Curves - her blog is "based on a plus size woman, living in Brooklyn, New York, showing off her arms, her curves, her rolls, her hips and learning how to continue to love herself everyday."
  • Kelsey of Kelseesi - a 23 year old living in Brooklyn who is fully caffeinated and fashion obsessed. Trying to dress up her daily life and travel as much as possible. 
  • Alex Luckey of Luckey Alex - a fashion, lifestyle and travel blog written from the eyes of a 23-year-old working in fashion public relations in NYC
  • Natalia of Nat-urally Stylish - a fashion addict and beauty junkie
  • Tosha of Pop of Tosh - a creative type in the advertising world
  • Sami of Sweet Blog of Mine - her blog consists of "entertainment, fashion, and mindful musings."
  • Shira of A Sequin Love Affair - a social worker with a casual non-paying part time job as a personal shopper for my friends, families, and coworkers
  • Itoro of ICU Glam - she is a "cultivator of all things Glam."


  • Naelle of Once in Paris - a Parisian fashion blogger and running addict
  • Erica of Elleoquent Style - a New Yorker and fashion obsesser
  • Jen of Speckled Blog - a blog by a millennial woman for those interested in health, skincare and self-expression through beauty.
  • Nubiana of From Nubiana, With Love - 23 year old fashion, food, and travel enthusiast residing in Orlando, FL
  • Marilyn of The Lunar Phase - a fashion enthusiast based in NYC/DC
  • Scott of Scott Walker Designs - an award-winning art director and artist from Cambridge, England
  • Hanan of Hijabs by Hanan - Ontario-based fashion and beauty blogger and hijab stylist
  • Felicia of StyleChine - fashion & lifestyle diary inspired by my love for wanderlust-ing, based in London
  • Anneke of Knot Couture - a fashion and lifestyle blogger and fashion intern who just recently moved to NYC
  • Kristin of The Petite Pear Project - a fashion blogger whose blog is "devoted to sharing the new style and fashion trends each season that I’ve found make petite, pear-shaped women look their best"
  • Andrea of View from Downtown - a fashion blogger who loves shoes, living in the East Village
  • Lily of Stylish Lily - a fashion blogger working in the fashion world based in Brooklyn Heights


  • Epistrophy Cafe and Christine Cream - shot photos for their social media campaigns
  • MBO Partners + Bret Smith of HiP B2Ban interview by MBO Partners on the marketing and lead generation expert 
  • Target/Club Wedd + AKQA - a Facebook promotion that utilized one of CSP's photos
  • Romper.com - a photo feature in an article: "Do Kids In The US Need More Recess? Yes, They Desperately Do"